Native Brews

Discovering, developing and delivering Indian spirits and wines.

About Us

Conceived two years ago by Susan Dias and Aditi Anand, Native Brews was an amalgam of one’s lifelong dream to be a liquor baron and another’s love of all things Indian. Having decided to first learn a thing or two about indigenous Indian liquors, Native Brews began in 2014 with Susan’s extensive travel across the country. It was this journey that convinced them that their idea was meant to be pursued. Speaking to locals, understanding their culture and witnessing the pride they showed when speaking of their traditional recipes was all the proof they needed that they were dealing with something valuable.
After about a year of covering not even a quarter of the country and emptying all of Susan’s savings, they discovered almost a dozen different varieties of liquors - some of which they’d already heard of, and others that amazed them entirely. Having met and interacted with many interesting people, sampled the drinks and understood the nuances surrounding their past, present and future, they charted the course for both, their lives and Native Brews.
This is Bombil, a teetotaler but nevertheless an ardent supporter of all things fun.